Reverend Horton Heat Tour 2017

A night of amazing rock is just a few clicks away! You can check out the Reverend Horton Heat tour 2017 when it comes to your town during the upcoming year. As far as next year’s shows go, the first one is going to be happening on January 6, 2017 in Santa Ana California at The Observatory. After that they will be visiting cities such as Grand Junction Colorado, Boulder Colorado, Memphis Tennessee, Charlotte North Carolina, Savannah Georgia, Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, and many more. The currently scheduled final performance for next year from this band is set to take place on June 15, 2017 in St. Louis. If you want to see the Reverend Horton Heat concert you can check out all of their dates below and purchase some tickets right now.

This band doesn’t exactly play typical rock ‘n roll, they actually play a certain fusion of rock called psychobill. It’s essentially a mixing of several different rock like genres such as blues, rock ‘n roll, and punk rock. So if you’re looking to check out a new type of music and you’ve never heard this sort of band play before, this is a great chance to expand your horizons. The main man of Reverend Horton Heat is actually named Jim Heath and he uses his band’s name not only for the band, but as his own stage name as an individual. You couldn’t have picked a better person to introduce you to the genre, because he is considered to be the main influence for the modern style of this music.

This group has been playing together since 1985, of course on lead vocals and guitar we have Jim Heath himself, and then on the upright bass we have Jimbo Wallace, and finally on drums we have Scott Churilla. Right now they are currently in a contract with victory records since a few years ago. And they just recently put out a brand-new album which is their 11th overall in 2014 called REV. Most of their tracks contain a number of influences from genres such as rockabilly, big band, country, swing, and punk. The majority of their tracks are also often accompanied by their humorous lyrics. This band grew to quite considerable fame in America thanks to their tracks being shown in commercials, cartoons, and games.

Some of their more recently released albums are lucky seven which came out in 2002, revival which was released in 2004, and then one year after that they came out with we three Kings. They have also had their songs featured in media such as Tony Hawk’s Pro skater, space bunnies must die, auto focus, and many more. Don’t let their commercial success for you though, they still stayed true to their roots and you can see them playing the same type of music that they have been all along if you go to their live show. And right now is a great time to check out the Reverend Horton Heat tour 2017 because this is a band that has a ton of experience. They definitely aren’t going to let you down with their live concert.

You can see all of the scheduled dates of the band has above, and if they happen to modify or add any more life concerts to their schedule, will be the first ones to know about it and will be sure to update you see you have all of the best chances to get your hands on great seats to every one of their shows.